January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Slept for 10hours – check

Went to 4th lesson and participate in 2more – check

Understand what`s wrong – check

.. wrong is the weather!! I get it now why mood so suddenly changed yesterday!It`s so grey outside, and slippery as hell (figuratively) . And unfortunatelly, makes me sleepy.. . . BUT! It`s good to know that I won`t be going anywhere today – but the trick is  -I have to study. I have a BIG biology test tomorrow! But for a while I`m enjoy`ing my lunch. Today it`s wonderful apples – blackcurrant and vanilla tea and sparkle water. I need to take it healthy.. and I`m too busy to prepare something more ‘serious’ .

And the ‘warm’ outfit for today

{{Shawl from Canada, Zara coat, Bronx Boots, MNG bag & many own done- leggings/pants}}


And, OMG.. I had  totally forgot about site/web called !

There`s a lot of old photos of me and just- stuff//  – Made by me. anyway  – check it out!





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