Okey. I`m better now

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

This day from the beginning seemed to be strange. . . But I didn`t read the signs. . Ah, anyway- I had trouble making one pattern cut- and that was it- Day was officially B.A.D! Because of that I went home. Walking – not taking the bus –  I needed time to think – What`s wrong  –  But now I think I know- there was so many good days, so it has to be even 1bad in a while- I get it.. Oh my, how hard is to be human..


Recently seen movie – and adorable song of Stereophonics!Just Love It! And that movie was great, realy great, too!

oh my god.. That scene with little girll still gives me tears.. ; / The thing is, the day before  father of hers (that man in whose arms she ran) gave her “invisible necklace”that secures from bullets and other bad things- ( all that story he made up just because she`d crawl out of her bed) and.. .the magic was that That gun didn`t  shoot! Fortunatelly, it had been badly loaded!


Xx, L.

( have to do some homework! )



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