Another MidnightMadness…

January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday after I`ve done  the last post, I desided to finally do the ‘Admission Assignments’. I`ve done for Pattern Design & started to draw models for Fashion Design admission… It turned out into a midnight madness, seriously.. I`ve been getting up from bed to draw
‘another one & another’ thought, jacket, dress & so on.. Then,  after 2 ‘getting ups’ I finally fell asleep. – – – But if you think that I got away from thoughts about what to draw, what to create

– you`re definately wrong 😀 I dreamt all night.. and in the metter of fact, I`ve dreamt a really nice coat/jacket..but.. I forgot what it looks like..what a FAIL!
Morgning was not so pleasant – my earplugs was hurting my ear, so I needed to put it out- but because of the voices @home I couldn`t continue sleeping.. ; // It`s a little bit frustrating.. Anyway – check out the photos!

The further pictures is from Morning. My breakfast. Usually, there wasn`t as much as it is in the picture.. Usually I drink coffe and vitamins & eat at noon or smthn –


That first picture of KittyCat is hi-la-rious! 😀 It`s like she`s making a face in front of the camera ;-D and after that saying, “no, that was noooot me!” …

okey, enough of  silly stuff. – going to take the shower . After all it`s friday-! ooh.. And stepfather took the camera with him..damn –

Okey, bye@@

Xx, L.


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