Today …

January 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

… was the day that we ice-skated- And we got so tired- And after that we got so hungy … we went to pizza place- had a pizza+beer and went home-

Yes, not much interesting- but quite fun! Very fun, actually!

But, I`ve been dreaming about ice-cream chocolate milkshake alll day looong..and I didn`t get one though I had a chance.. silly me. Eeh. OUU!! Another good news! I`ve been trusted to find a matterial for a Golden Dress for a girl that searches Dress for ‘100-day before finishes the school’ day & get that done (after I find something that fits-)  Dress is looking like this –

And during  all the talk, managing details, I got myself thinking- What Will I Wear?!! I had a vision, but after I tried to put it on the sheet of paper- it collapsed. It`s worthless.. But it`s beautiful. Anyway- I won`t even tell it. So. – from now one I`ll browse some thoughts for, also, my Dress!

Okey – Now I`m gonna hit the bed. I`m ex-haus-ted! (despite taht I`ve just watched movie called “The Women” )

Xx, L.! **


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