Merry Christmas…

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

How I feel about Christmas Eve?

I don`t mean to be pesimistic, but.. I hate Christmas Eve @our home. I`m sick of “Santa” coming over. It`s just for my little brother.. I`m sick of telling ridiculous poems to get a present. We`re grown ups. It`s just absurd..  And all those meals that are being prepared during 2days.. It`s tasteless…

Sorry for even 2 disgusting photos… But with just one there`s no efect ;D

Okey..following-up –

I`m dreaming about making my own Chistmas Eve with people that feels that same about all this as I am. I mean – No Santa & no freaky meals. No herring, no white vegetable salads, no fish in the dough.. eeh..  And how you could tell your Mom all this.. – there`s no way. She will get angry and…you would be hearing a lot of loug sounds like: HOW COULD YOU SAY THINGS LIKE THAT. . .  and so on… And the other problem is..I realy don`t like my step-father..  a lot, acctually.. Frankly, I`m wondering what was the thing that my Mom saw in him.. Or..I don`t even want to know.. Anyway.. If I had my Christmas Eve, the pictures beneath  reflects all my dreams and thoughts.:

And.. One more random thing that I wanna tell you.. Somehow this year`s Christmas associates with Light Blue colour.. I wanted to pack presents into a light blue paper and rope it with white ribbon.. But unfortunately, There`s no light blue paper through ~3 shopping centres.. I`ve lost my breath running to get that..

Anyway- Merry Christmas For All Of You!

p.s. wish you  delicious food & funny presents!

Xx, L.


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