Sudden Love for -Fur-

December 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

…although, it`s not so sudden…

Attraction to Fur became more and more noticeable when the cold season was comin… And designs of jackets or coats and stuff became more and more fluffy .(wasntme).

I imagine living with Fur almost everywhere.. . .. . Under my feet near my bed; on the floor. Sitting on the chair that is covered with Fur..awwh.. wouldn`t it be cozy? Or.. sofa all covered with Fur??

Despite that, the look of a girl wearing Fur gives me flatterring and luxurious sight. Even now I`m here, sitting with a Fur waistcoat.

Also I adore ‘long hair’ Fur. Especially that grey one.. It`s just..aah, I don`t know.. ❤

The more things I admire made of Fur is furry scarf (I have one. Will upload later), furry collars ( I had a thought to make my latest coat with one). Despite of that I`m thinking about making furry shoulders..


The thought of making a post about Fur has born after I`ve seen this photo on facebook. I really adore the way that waistcoat is being worn. That transparent blouse is perfect for this kind of look because I always don`t find any t-shirts or smnth to wear near the waistcoat, only brown skinny blouse or smthn. But this solution is just perfect!

…and after being so beautiful to wear Fur has another good thing- it`s warm! Okey. Let`s finish this post with a few fluffy pictures. Byeesxxx, L.


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