So, Here I am.

December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Finally.. Vibration from travelling the bus is gone, my mind is almost here again. It`s hard to adapt quickly.

So, As I promised I will share photos of things that I`ve bought. And Some from the trip. (I`m sooo sad that I didn`t took my camera. Even if it`s sooo lame). So, here they are:

Me& my uncoloured PinkElepahnt;DDD

Another photo takien near the Weinachts Markt ( “Christmas Market” )

These are taken in front of Berlin`s Cathedral.

We`ve tried to go inside, but it was pay event.So we instead took a photo 😀

After all those hours of walking through the Berlin we got extreemely hungry. Thanks to someone, we discovered a very cozy place called Food Lounge. While we were eating the night was coming. By the time we went out from the lounge It was already dark. We saw a beautiful horizon to take a picture. So we took. Those lights should be blue, but..when I was editing photos it looked better like this! anyway – continuing –

Here we are in the small cute street that we thought was for shopping. It was lighten beautifuly so we asked passerby to capture us.

Metro Station – –

And now – the bought stuff.:

Lovely lovely Starbucks coffee cup. It can be used for take out tea or coffee..

This is not very good quality photos, sorry.. But..  Still. H&M shirt.

SomeChocolate for friends and family.

My precious Pink Elephant. I think I`ll be stocked up for a year now ;D

My one of the most great thing is BIK BOK scarf. I just LOOOVE IT!

and the last one – H&M mini-long shirt. I ADORE IT! And aI think I`m going to be into the khaki colour this season!

Anyway- Loved the trip. It acquired me some stuff about worrying about the look and stuff.. OH.. And I rememberred what`s like to laugh so hard that it hurts ;D (Yes, Elena, that`s you) 😀

Xx, L*



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