College Rush

November 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

You know, mom woke up my fears and thoughts . . . I realise how it will be fainful to leave all of this..Especially.. aah. I can`t even think about that..

Anyway.. I`m soooo lost in my dreams. I really want to apply in London. But.. I get that feeliing that I`m not good enough..but then.. something inside me tells that It`s one-time opportunity. It`s one life.. Now or never… But my character leads me to “safe side”..oh, who I am the easier side.. It would be no IELTS (that I am affraid of..).. myyyy god. I need a person who`d believe in me, and drag me to London colleges and stuff.. Oh…but it has a BIG problem.. there is a fee ridiculous due.. 12,000 pounds. I even didn`t figured out if its for a half year, or one full year.. or.. else..

Pluses of going to Denmark would be – college courses would not cost and (If I`d get a place in Birk Campus – FRE GYM ALL YEAR!)

Minuses:  small town, not so fashion enviroment (I mean with all those fashion weeks and stuff. Although, I hear that Hopenhagen had one similar this year.)

Anyway.. College@Denmark  sounds very great.. I can imagine doing cute girls nights or…going to pub or smthn.

I just hope that.. it wouldn`t be like :

Ehh.. Leaving love @home wouldn`t be the easiest thing to do;// But.. I have to stick to my Life Plan – !! Yes, Laura, YOU HAVE TO!

Xx, L.






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