Nightmare is over!

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday.. was…awful! I couldn`t sleep for hours..when the good part of this story came. About 1:30 a.m. we made a go to McDonald`s;D So we went ;D (with a car ofcourse…anyway-  after that super-sneeky getting out from my apartment with all those sleeping people (I mean my mom and others) we came with the idea to…grab my things and..sleep somewhere else.Anyway..  won`t go with minutiaes…

Before that I (I think for the first time in, what? ~10years, I figured out what to wear for the next day and put those clothes on the eye. So.. grabbing things to leave wasn`t hard! Anyway –  I`m beggining to like my new over-knee things ;D I was almost all grey today. The cause is the weather~! I hate it to be like this! Grey Mist.. Like it would be some kind of Vampire movie..Oh my! Talking about horror and blood.. My dream…was incredible.. sick. There was two guys that were heading to the corner of building, and walking uphill. Suddenly, one of them starts to scream and layed low the other. Then, that lower one starts to scream with words: “I WON`T LET YOU TAKE MY EYE!!!” and he cuts out his eye himself with a pinch.. blood everywhere untill…there was nothing left in the place of the eye.

I know. it sounds sick…  I think that too.. Maybe it`s just a ful moon.. Let`s hope so!

So now, I want to relax, so I`m going to put a face mask for myself and watch one more episode of 2nd season of 90210.

Sorry for strange post. Anyway – Kisses!
Xx, L


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