Music for Your Soul

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

You may wonder, What would be like mucis for soul?

It is acctually pretty romantic…

and melodiously…

and slow…

and stimulating feelings

..and.. aaah..

It`s Jazzu collaborating with DJ Leon Somov. They are lithuanian.. God, I, frankly, never believed that Lithuania have this kind of talents and people who is soooo into music.. They`re not new, I`m just bringing up them now, because I can`t get enough of that strange/beautiful sounds..

Here some songs that I find brilliant!

The others that I MUST mention is SILENCE FAMILY.

Group consists of many people.

Anyway, they are AMAZING! I had been to several gigs of theirs.. there was the best music I could ask. In festival I was dancing till 4-5am.. It was unforgetable even I had lost my friends (but I have a feeling that they just went away..ha, it was even better to dance alone).

However, take a listen to these!–4o

Although, I could say that it`s not a such  big difference between those songs…It`s just..Different collaborations and difference in sounds, needs, thoughts and voices.

Going to sleep.. Byee




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