November 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey// Today is sooo strange! Haven`t got enough sleep 2nd day in a row.. Felling terrible..  But nevertheless it`s sunday that we have brunch @aunt`s.
We had too much to eat this time, haha.. so..tiredness summarised with over-eating and grey mood.. So..you can image how I`m feeling.. the almost only good thing is music @this point. Listening to Moodbase group/DJ (I don`t exactly know how to name that). It`s electronica/funk/beats/dupsteb.. Basically   – http://soundcloud.com/moodbase/moodbase-drop-hop But there is much more better recordings of a better song/drops..
Anyway- I`m feelingsuper tired. I think I`m going to do some homework and watch one more (the last of 1st season apisode of 90210) and go to my precious B.E.D.!
P.s. I`m almost finished doing a Bag for a friend! Stay tuned! It worked out verrry good!
Xx, L.


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