November 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Friday was great!! From the begining .. Oh, no 😀 There was a failure ;D In the morning when I was preparing for school.. I had to go to the 2nd class. I was drying hair and  getting ready when I noticed what  time it was.. SHIT.. it was left 15minutes until class`s started! ! Hehe, I decided to skip that one.. It was Deutch.. At least I  got time for breakfast. 🙂

Then.. I went to school.- Like that->

And I`ve fixed the ring that I got as a gift from my Aunt!! It`s mind blowing. I love it!!

After  school I&Šarūnė  went to Shopping Centre to get some stuff.. And we discovered amazing new place called “Crusto”! There was   Hot Coffee-Cakes and crunchy cruasans and stuff like that!! There was one super-great-looking chocolate cake that we`ve bought. It was sooooo delicious. But I`m sad because I haven`t got a camera with me that time..It`s a shame..

Anyway, I bought a Lindex bracelet And unknown brand Grey nail polish. (someday I will introduce with all my nail polish colours!!)

It looks like this-

Anyway- As I came home, it was dark already. – FRIDAY evening..we had planned a girls night @Kotre. So- Got dressed up..and went.

My favourite MNG boots ^^

Unfortunatelly, We have found a funny function in my camera ;D It`s like a ‘fish eye’ ;DD Check this out ;D

Super-cute-funny… : DD Heh

And my evening`s drink was a Californian wine that was recomended by the saleswoman!. It was soooo delicious- so light and sweet even though it was dry. Mmmm Xx, L.


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§ 2 Responses to FRIDAY!

  • Rachael says:

    Sorry girl, but I have to say it. You should really start to improve your english skills, if you decided to write blog in english. And give us better quality pictures. And I don’t think that your outfits are something that people would come back for. But not a bad blog start, good luck 🙂

    • toysdontbite says:

      Thanks for the opinion. But- which part of ym english was bad then?? I wanna know. And about the quality of pictures..I`m not guilty for my moms being silly buying lame camera.. I`m trying to improve that miserable quality, but. – sometimes its bad, sometimes – not soooo bad.

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