October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hi to everyone, Hi to myself!

This is the first post in this fabulou area called wordpress.com.


I want to introduce myself.

My name is Laura Kviklytė. I`m from Lithuania, Nothern Europe.

I`m in graduation class this year, and looking forward to start my own life in one or another place in the World. I am thinking about applying in  fashion design, women`s wear sphere in college/university.

Why? Last year, accidently I found out that I know how to sew. It`s in my blood (my aunt was sewing, my grandma was). Suddenly, my fear of  ‘oh my god, what I will study…what will be my future” was gone. That moment I found my Future.

In this blog I will upload some photos of my creations, I will tell the story how it became more than just a drawing on the paper. Ofcourse, There will be short posts like how I feel today or smthn. And many photos that is/was my inspiration! Or just ones that I like.




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